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Humidifier classify and styles

Environmental problems are problems of the world, but also everyone's problem. In recent years, environmental protection and health appliances become the theme of our household products. But how much do you know about these products? We would like to introduce the next humidifier, it brings changes to our quality of life. It is now our winter weather is dry.
humidifiers (humidifier) is an increasing household appliances in the room humidity. But many different types, we can be divided into two categories, one is industrial use a humidifier, the other is a household humidifier. We focus on understanding family, related to life. Household humidifier can be divided into three categories. Ultrasound waves and we may hear more, more mature technologies. Application on the humidifier, you may not know much about how it works. Ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasonic oscillations is 2 million times per second, turning water into 4 micro-particles, sniffing the air in the pneumatic technology, to increase the humidity. Pure humidifier evaporative type humidifier is usually also known as pure type humidifier, clean humidification is a new technology. Molecular screening to remove other impurities in the water, through the water washed the air, absorb dust and other harmful substances in the air. By wind-driven technology to increase air humidity. There is also a heated humidifier. Whose work is in water heated to 100 degrees centigrade, produces a lot of steam and pneumatic technologies diffuse into the air, increasing indoor air humidity.
gift company products, the answer is Yes. Because the gift industry do the broad Pan Wei, household appliances amusing gift company. There are many corporate gift sales in that field. Guangzhou Guanlong gift is a gift of products throughout the company. A humidifier in winter is very good, because the air is dry, increasing the humidity, to respiratory system and skin care, family health.

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