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Gift packaging design

Gift wrap is a new topic, we may not pay attention to this aspect of things. But a gift with beautiful packaging, that its added value is much bigger. External
each country has special "Gift Pack" engaged in gift packaging design reflects the culture of a country. United States official White House Gift packaging with white or gold foil formal and elegant packaging, paper, "the great seal" decking, formal and elegant. Can be said to be a brand, gift away, they know the gift to themselves there.
Gift packaging embodies a love, a friend's birthday, send a cake lover sent a bouquet of flowers. Beautiful flowers, and green shirt. Dressed richly elegant gifts, make it colorful and warm affection. More could come together to cut friendships, love sweet added.
Gift packaging, packaging has many differences from different places. Europe and the United States have a preference for packaging, they'll be a dollar thing, cost us $ 10 packing fee. People working on packaging design is elegant and refined, to take the opportunity to express their culture. We are the most common items, and is on the packaging of moon cakes. So in recent years on moon cake packaging industry are some of the specific provisions of the State. But also reflected Chinese culture, beloved by people at home and abroad. Happy lucky colors, simple and natural materials, luxurious and elegant designs, expresses the feelings of countless cultures.
gift wrapping is an art, but also a fashion.

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