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Role of gifts in social interactions

  Gifts in social role you no doubt, its effect can be more harmonious with each other.
Panda was considered to be living fossils, we are a national treasure of China. National treasure as diplomacy, attention paid to the country, Chinese people's sincere friendship. As early as the Tang dynasty, when Emperor Wu Zetian of China giant pandas presented to Japan's Emperor, China Japan friendship. In modern times can be traced back to the period of new China, is the most influential Sino-American diplomatic relations, China's gift of two giant pandas to the United States, such gifts in diplomatic relations is very important. Sino-American diplomatic relations also affected a major event in the world.
in a person's social context, is the same, it can inject new vitality into the interpersonal. Friend's company or the opening of a new store, we can send some opened Gil's gift to him. I wish his brisk, good fortune. Such as: flowers blue, Bull, Eagle wings, indicating signs rich gifts. Trust your friends see your gifts to thank you for your sincere friendship and have what it takes to help send a message to local. Furthermore is the work of colleagues in a particular period, sending gifts, will make your work easier. Customers to send some gifts that are the most basic social, you can maintain relationships between you and your clients, your job is going well, can also increase benefits for the company personally, you can increase revenue. But for customers to send gifts, we can diversify, that can be a business gift, can also be intangible things, such as can be "Kickback" can also be a customer "entertainment" under the fun of playing.
above those cognitive, believe friends gift has not emphasized the importance of social networking, but sometimes have to hold a degree in it.

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