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Business gifts and success

China since ancient times, courtesy of the State, so the gift culture in China is very deep history of games, such as "to dress", "people don't blame". In modern society, gifts become an important social issue. In modern society, can't say you send gifts they deny you (this gift is sincere and not what we mean by bribery). So give a person with a gift, my friend will be greeted with a smile.
business gifts culture plays a role. There is, for instance, has two salespeople to selling shoes to sell shoes somewhere in Africa, but where people don't wear shoes. One who thinks people don't wear shoes, also don't buy shoes market, will be back. Another is that there are people who don't wear shoes now, the future will wear shoes. So he used his gifts, send shoes to the locals. Was used by local people give up without shoes, then we can easily imagine. He managed to open the local market, gift in the commercial development of the market really say very much, a pair of wings to fly you to the success.
now some company, to maintenance and customer Zhijian relationship, special of will arrangements specifically sector for track maintenance, company in computer in has specifically of store, on some main relationship company, and relationship characters of identity, and status and hobby, and birthday are has records, holidays, or what right of days, total has routine or specifically of gift, consolidation and development himself of network, established and consolidation himself of commercial status. Always at the right time and place to send out gifts to customers, helps explain the interaction in modern society, this is a big profit.

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