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New concept of environmental protection paper bag use

Life, to bag a lot, with no shortage of paper bags, we go buy paper bags may be less than, when are we going to buy something, businesses ration we hold things. Paper bags are environmentally friendly products. We put things in plastic bags. Since the cessation of use, we use the non woven bags. Paper bag with's more, but you may not know much about its composition. Paper bag a number of material variety, style, paper a lot. Use material, paper bag white cardboard, white paper, bond paper, kraft paper and some more paper, that only you use to determine the kind of paper you need. Production methods can be divided into the following four kinds of openings seam bottom bag, mouth glued corner bottom bag, valve sutures bag, valve flat hexagonal end-adhesion at the end of bag. These are just our daily use bags. Has other uses also use more layers of kraft paper, mainly with cement and fertilizer. We use different size for different design it so that you can achieve the objective of saving material. According to the bag side, bottom and back cover in different ways, open seam bottom bag, open bonding corner bottom bag, valve sewing bag, valve flat hexagonal end type of bottom gluing bags four kinds of paper bags. Paper bag in the application, it is relatively environmentally friendly. Paper bags can be recycled, rather than use a cannot be used a second time. To really can't use, or reintegration into a pulp, you can do other things. The recycling of plastic bags will be impossible to do so, causing white pollution. We love life, protection of the environment. Recommends using environmentally friendly products.

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