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Carton how much knowledge you know

Modern logistics development, to product safety, our cardboard boxes used in product packaging. Different items, different packaging designs.
by product materials can be divided into corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes. Corrugated box production process is like this, paper, paper, paper and processed into wave corrugated corrugated cardboard by gluing together. According to the different requirements, tile can be processed into single face corrugated board, three-layer corrugated board, five, seven, 11-layer corrugated board. We used a lot of three-layer corrugated board unless you have special requirements. Different corrugated corrugated shapes, sticky form of corrugated board also function differently, using the same material, but different waveform, and cardboard boxes can also be different. Is now relatively common in international are the following types of carton, using letters of the alphabet a, b, c, e said. A more flexible, no a-c-good, but fighting is better than a cardboard box. Type b is characterized by high density of suitable printing supplies. E-type cord as thin and dense, reveal the intensity of it. For containers with cardboard boxes, main diameter and associated wave-line density, small compared to other factors. This can be based on items you need to use can and carton manufacturers consultations according to the specifications of the product carton and its strength.

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