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Several sets of RMB value to the collection

Collectors for antiques may be more enthusiastic, a little knowledge of antique man should know. Yuan-collections will be familiar, too, due to other investment markets are not very good right now, and it is the stock market is less clear, many people now choose to invest in gold and other precious metals. But market reaction to this was very rapid, high gold prices. There is a lot of friends ask: can investment in any other way, the answer is Yes. Such as the people's currency, you can make your money with money.
renminbi investments can be divided into several, such as the first series of RMB appreciation is very broad. Now mainly to introduce the Yuan in the second set and third set. Now collect the second set price about 16.2 million people. Consists of main coins denominations 11 species, respectively, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 1, 2 and 5 Jiao, 1 Yuan, 2 Yuan, 3 Yuan, Wu Yuan, up, because at that time the country's technology is not very mature, printed 3-10 money in the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union was printing money line is deep, thick ink layer, good security. Because history is special, so people with this special collection of precious, which can sell for hundreds of thousands of Yuan. The reason to this is the less is your. 1953 Soviet version of RMB 10 collection more valuable, the currency for the longer version, obverse design is the "harvest plan": wearing a headscarf of women farmers, golden rice was holding the side, a caps brothers fingers straight ahead, eyes firmly. The charm of this art. The third series launched in 1960, a total of 7 denominations, and after several revision, so some currency was worth collections, because his time is short, save for very few. Collection of friends to these gift company currency for purposes of consultation, because a lot of companies treat it as a business gift to do it.

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