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Yichun fireworks factory explosion

Firecrackers for Chinese for very familiar but has, Pang Nian holiday, you are can see some home put firecrackers, this custom can said is long has, early in song Shi, we gunpowder on can with this aspects, and we now also has, why will so long of custom does, those history learn home may such think, what thing exists Yu world Shang are has he of reason's! zhiqian are said Chinese took gunpowder to new year entertainment, and Western people on with he to manufacturing guns. Used it to defeat before we say Chinese (also can be said to be imperial).
  back then, although the invention of gunpowder, brought huge changes to our civilization, to human development to advance up to a rocket booster effect, gifts of civilization development. But it has also brought us great harm, this goes without saying, from the 19th century to the present. What wars are associated with it. Imagine, when the Chinese used it to new year firecrackers, and Europeans also use it to do good guns, an historical development is unavoidable, the European model, we need progress, as our Chinese traditional uses may also be hurt. Fireworks factory explosion of Yichun, this happened, that smile for the new year each year, how much did we don't know about. This will happen every year. New year laughter, Firecracker sound good so many tears in.
  as a Chinese invention of gunpowder, as a gift to the world, and its work is important, but it is bad for us. This is the philosophy that speaks of things both sides

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