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Household appliances-egg

  Egg, our trendy new choice of life, is our new dietitian, is a small family of new appliances, fast help.
   it has the following advantages, boiled eggs with boiled egg, steamed egg, steamed color features such as quiche, what they want to eat eggs can be, for different kinds of people can have a different choice. Tender steamed eggs, hard-boiled eggs and eggs the old level, as you choose. Gently adjust the button as long as you can. Most important is can keep the egg, not the loss of nutrients. Characteristics of elastic, odor-free, will not burst. Using stamp technology, cooked eggs difficult to break, than other tools used to Cook eggs. Eggs cooked, it will automatically turn off the power, and cleaning. This is not to say, but it also has a maintenance, is of interest to most things. Used up you have to turn off the power, this is common sense, one can save electricity and second for safety. All parts with a soft sponge, dishwashing liquid to clean. Do not use rigid steel wire to clean, this part will be damage. Do not put the machine inside the water clean, a laibu water will cause leakage in the egg, some unnecessary failure may also occur. If not for a long time, should put the egg in a box, put it in a ventilated place, avoid moisture and cannot be used.

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