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Dazzling Crystal crafts

  Dazzling Crystal crafts, home furnishings in people's daily life. With its stylish and elegant Crystal is always a favorite, since ancient times. Created by the artist in addition to being beautifully set value, there is value to the collection. If, as a gift for your friends and family, even more of the very atmosphere. Pretty decent shots.
   crystal as such a beautiful something, how it formed, the more complex points. Spar is a colorless transparent quartz crystal the alias. Generally shows a hexagonal Prism shape. Crystal is formed with several conditions, general distribution of Crystal cave, in rock crevices or joints and faults. Crystal growth is not a place to. To have three atmospheric temperature is higher than 570 degrees. Temperature is too low it is impossible to crystal formation. Also a silica-rich hydrothermal fluids. Formation of the Crystal without these basic conditions are not so rare. Hope for you is the truth. Sent as gifts will no doubt make shell treasure.
   main Crystal-rich countries in the world, Brazil, and Russia, and South Africa, Madagascar, Japan Brazil's most famous, Crystal quality is relatively good. There are mainly concentrated in the North of our country, Donghai County Lianyungang city is known as the most famous "Crystal village", Crystal mines 1280 sq km, total storage capacity of 60%. Crystal production when the economy by a very large effect, one of the biggest companies with annual sales of 300 million.

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