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Glass handicraft production and appreciation

Glass crafts production is a complex project, it has 47 processes. And each process must be successful, otherwise the crafts are useless, wasted. Production of glass raw materials used included 24% lead crystal glass, melting point as long as it takes more than 800 degrees. As glass production is difficult, general product 40%-60%, due to the glass and a half of liquid liquid, glass sections of different thickness, coefficient of expansion is different, cool, each part of the tearing, it is easy to break. Can be said that each piece of glass is unique, so that perfect piece of Arts and crafts, not only on technology, but luck also account for certain ingredients.
such a beautiful arts and crafts, how are we going to appreciate it. There may be some different methods. Enjoy the lighting effects, different thickness and color of the refraction of light you can see a different effect. Enjoy the natural flow of color, feel the glass of pure beauty. Glass transparency should not be too pure and too light, the beauty of city life can be observed. Ancient glass contains structure of national culture. Different flows can experience the beauty of color.
glass as a gift for your friends and family, it is a good idea, so beautiful crafts your friend will love at hand. To reach your goal, it's easy, but you have to watch your friends or customers ' preferences.

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