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Halloween and related customs gift

  Halloween is a Festival of the West, and November 1 of each year. October 31 is Halloween, Halloween (also known as Halloween). When Halloween comes, special kids will wear colorful clothes, wearing strange masks, shopping street, carrying in his hand, "Jack" (Jack pumpkin lamp made of. ) This is the most traditional spectacle, may often see Halloween in America and Europe. Halloween Haunted
       is a very funny, when you can see a lot of movies to see the street scene. Various ghosts and witches, pirates, alien visitors have been deployed. In recent days about the phantom movie may use Halloween promotion. Suppose you work for a State in the West saw the zombies, or demons, aliens and the like, please don't be surprised. May only advertise with or tell you that Halloween is on the way.
about the origins of Halloween, generally considered four versions is possible. Generally originated in Western Europe, including Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, which several of the ancient people of Western Europe called the Celtics. New year's Eve, they will hold a variety of lamps, and wearing strange costumes walk in the village. Bonfires and lights for a few days, in order to frighten away the ghost. The second, more than 2000 years ago, Europe's Catholic Church on November 1 as "All Saints Day" (ALL HALLOWS DAY). Three words, the Celts (Celtic) believed that the Sun God to help them grow their crops. However, each year the Sun God is an evil force named Samhain attacked and imprisoned for six months. Samhain, also has two titles, namely the "Lord of Dead (Lord of death)" and "the Prince of Darkness (Prince of darkness)" he took cold and dark winter came to the land of the Celts. Four versions, the original Halloween originated in ancient times keleteren (Celt, which Ireland's ancestry) to Samhain (Samhaim, which read Sow-in). After the spread of Christianity, for assimilating the pagan, the original Halloween (AllSaints''Day or AllHallows) modified on the same day, on November 1 and October 31 Halloween (Halloween).

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