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Jade gifts right shopping and its significance

Jade in China has a very long history, ancient wore jade as a taste, identity, status symbol. As a traditional culture, modern Chinese nor abandoned. And where you can see people wearing it the large hands. Species and varieties are very complete. Jade occupy such an important position in Chinese culture, and the reasons are manifold: Jade-rich, good quality, species variety, versatility, advanced production technology, elegant in appearance, and one reason is that jade has always been sacrosanct in China, won the praise of the ruling class. Chinese jade is the essence of heaven and Earth, one of the most famous was that of Zhao during the warring States period and the wall. A piece of jade in the world, Zhao and Qin, through wall expand its military and diplomatic and fierce battle. &Nbsp; 
  as a gift to give, you can refer to the following jade gift guidelines. For a married couple, married, can be sent double Badger Perry, can express the eternal love of life. Newborn babies at the time of the full moon can send a small yusuo, wish her a healthy growth. Aged birthday can send a "crane lutongchun" or "Pine Crane longevity" patterns patterns of jade. Promotion, send a "longevity" patterns jade card or one big stomach Maitreya Buddha statue, it will guarantee you money rolling in. New House, new home, sending pieces of decorative furnishings jade or jade Guanyin statue. Relatives and friends are in trouble, dispirited, buy a carved with a pattern of persimmon and "all the best" Jade cards to send, wish it out and everything.

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