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Gift-related terminology and interpretation

The gift of some of the more important terms, members may not know much about. So know this knowledge.
advertising gift: as the name suggests, advertising is broadcast. Printed advertisements sent over the free Word logo and company gifts to promotional and gift related users, increase product awareness. For example: advertising umbrella, advertising pens, printed with company logo and logo clothing, key chains and other ads. Corporate gifts, corporate gifts are enterprises in the business or business activities in order to improve or expand their visibility and publicity means. Increase in market share. Higher sales and special orders. Is novel, odd characteristics. Corporate gift gift should also pay attention to, there is still time. With respect to corporate gifts and business gift requirements are less stringent, requirements can be directly printed advertisement and logo. But it is only in the more upscale line, directly to the customer. Crystal, glass, and so on. Promotional gifts are when the seller when buying a product, you can attach a gift of value. Gift card, you can say more, it can kind of materials and gifts to differentiate. Include plastics, electronics, leather, Crystal, glass, metal, ceramic, and so on. General gift card need gifts to screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, laser engraving, sandblasting, stamping and other ways to make the customer logo or text.
believe it so much, we understand some terms related to the gift. More about gifts of these concepts, for companies and businesses to advertise to quick effects.

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