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TEL: 0731-8672252
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Changsha Shang Li gift limited since 1999 founded yilai, in general new old customer of care and support Xia, Changsha Shang Li gift, and Changsha gift, and Changsha gift company, and Changsha gift custom, and Changsha gift wholesale, and Changsha gift network, and Changsha features gift, and Changsha high-end gift, and Changsha high-end gift company, and Changsha gift shop, has became Changsha scale maximum, and reputation excellence of gift in the sales enterprise and Changsha Business Federation members units and the first Changsha credit Construction Association members, and Changsha Economic Council units. &Nbsp;       
in order to meet the market demand, the company will continue to develop and launch new products of high quality. The company "quality", "price" and "service" for the purpose, and strive to achieve your satisfaction.

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